Monday, 10 November 2008

The Sarah Jane Adventures Series One Boxset

Yesterday the Sarah Jane Adventures Series One Boxset was released on DVD. The Sarah jane adventures is a spin off for young Doctor who Viewers. This is ab it late as we are up to episode 7 and 8 in Series 2. It includes Invasion of The Bane, Revenge Of The Slitheen, Ee of The Gorgon, Warriors Of Kudlak, Whatever Happend to Sarah Jane, The Lost boy and Loads of Special Features to kee you occupied. The DVD is out now across all good shops in the UK and Ireland at the RRP price of £24.99, with four discs and an age rating of PG.

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apple said...

I know it's really late. fab Post and keep up the good work!

drwhomad said...

Thanks and I know it's terriable