Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Mark Of Paul Langer

The Picture Above was made by me.

Tomorrows Schedule For The Sarah Jane Adventures

4.35 - The Mark Of The Berserker Part 1 - CBBC On BBC One
5.15 - The Mark Of The Berserker Part 2 - CBBC (Digital Viewers Only)

Synopsis:The Mark Of The Berserker
Luke and Rani enlist the help of Clyde's mum to help track down Clyde and his father, who has the alien pendant, as the children's drama series, produced by Russell T Davies, continues. The chase leads to a terrifying waterside confrontation, as the pendant takes control of Paul and begins transforming him.

Sarah Jane Smith is played by Elisabeth Sladen, Luke by Thomas Knight, Rani by Anjil Mohindra and Clyde by Daniel Anthony.

Part 2 Of Mark Of The Berserker will have a cameo apperance of Maria and Alan Jackson who left for America in the last sontaran. You Can View The episode guide for this episode here. Which one will you watch tomorrow???

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apple said...

Cool Title, Post and Pic. How'd You make the post title

drwhomad said...

here is how.

The Mark of (the Berserker)
then Paul Langer

drwhomad said...

oh and thanks apple and welcome

tom said...

i'll be watching part 2 and cool site

drwhomad said...

Same here Tom and also welcome to the site