Tuesday, 14 April 2009

More Who Spin offs?

The Sun are claiming that Russell T Davies, head writer for Doctor Who, was impressed with Lee Evans (Malcolm)'s performance in Planet of the Dead, and he wants to create a whole new Doctor Who spin off starring him!

He also mentioned for Noma to star in it as well. Noma is known for playing Captain Erisa Magambo in Turn Left and Planet of the Dead. The Sun also claim that Russell said Lee and Noma are a spin-off series waiting to happen. UNIT soldiers often work best as half of a double-act, so Magambo needed a foil, though we never dreamed we’d get to cast the part so well.

Both Lee and Noma were good, but could you really picture them in a spin off? Are there too many spin offs already? Please comment with your theories.

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