Saturday, 18 April 2009

Doctor Who Bafy Cymru Nominations

The Whoniverse has received loads of nominations in the Bafta Cymru Awards. . They are all Below and were released on the Official Dr Who Site

Nominations For Dr Who - 9 Best Director Of Photography: Drama: Rory Taylor for Silence in the Library
Best Sound: Doctor Who Sound Team for Midnight
Best Make-Up: Barbara Southcott for The Next Doctor
Best Screenwriter: Russell T Davies for Midnight
Best Drama Series / Serial for Television: Phil Collinson
Best Original Music Soundtrack: Murray Gold for Midnight
Best Director: Film/Drama: Euros Lyn for Silence in the Library
Best Interactive: Rob Francis for the Doctor Who official site's interactive offering
Best Editor: Phillip Kloss for Midnight Nominations for Torchwood - 2 Best Design: Edward Thomas for Adrift
Best Costume: Ray Holman for From out of the Rain
Nominations for The Sarah Jane Adventures - 1 Best Children's Programme

What do you think about this? Will the Whoniverse Win them all? Please comment

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