Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Image of Fendahl DVD

2Entertain have now released the cover and details for their latest classic DVD release The Image of Fendahl. Below you can read the synopsis for this story as well as the special Features and you can see the cover to your right.


An ancient human skull has been discovered by archaeologists and is being used by Professor Fendelman in his Time Scanner experiments on contemporary Earth at Fetch Priory. Drawn by the operation of the Scanner, the Doctor arrives as the experiments reach a peak to witness a series of strange happenings. By night the skull glows with a devastating power, leaving destruction in its wake. Already two people lie dead in mysterious circumstances. The Doctor is appalled. Can the Fendahl really be emerging from its twelve million year hibernation? Will the Doctor be able to prevent this deadly enemy devouring everything in its path? The very safety of the planet depends upon it...

Special Features:
Commentary - With actors Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Wanda Ventham and Edward Arthur
After Image - cast and crew look back at the making of the story. With actors Louise Jameson, Edward Arthur, Wanda Ventham, script editor Anthony Read, visual effects designer Colin Mapson
Deleted & Extended Scenes
Photo Gallery
Coming Soon on DVD
Easter Egg
Radio Times Listings
Subtitle Production Notes

The Image of Fendahl will be released on the 5th Of April at a price of £19.56.

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