Thursday, 5 February 2009


The avatar to your right was made by me.
As  You will have noticed Whovian World has not been receiveing as many updates as usual. That is because School has started. I was thinking about closing down the site, but then released how dissiponted you guys would be. A Huge thanks to Sylar For making me change my mind. So From now on Whovian World won't be updated everyday but i will still talk on adv chat in the weekends. I have now finished Quote of The Day and the last one will be Up soon. Replacing Quote Of The Day will Be Character of The Day. It will include any Character from and Dr Who, Torchwood or SJA Episode. Just a wee note i will not post a character of the Day every day.

The Powerful Boy
Whovian World

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Sylar said...

No probs TPB! glad ur not closing the site, I LOVE IT.LOL

The Powerful Boy said...

Thanks Heaps Sylar!