Friday, 30 January 2009

Planet of the Dead Monster Revealed

Yesterday the BBC comfirmed that the Monster in this years Easter Special, Planet of the Dead is .... (highlight to Reveal) The TRITOVORE. If youb would like to know what it looks like then read the stuff below.

New Tritovore baddies set to be scariest ever. He's dealt with some tough baddies, but Doctor Who will face his scariest yet - a halfman half-fly creature.Called the Tritovore, it will be unleashed in the Easter special to do battle with the Timelord and sidekick Lady Christina de Souza - played by former EastEnders star Michelle Ryan.Bosses want the monster to become as iconic as the Daleks and Cybermen.A set source said: "Scriptwriters are confident they'll make a huge impact... Everyone remembers the Daleks and the Cyberman, but not a lot else if they're honest. The Tritovore will change that. They are disgusting and will last long in the memory."Series boss Russell T Davies is hoping to use the creatures in three other special shows.David Tennant quits as the doctor this year. The source added: "Russell is telling everybody to expect some real surprises. He wants him to go out with a bang."

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Gallifrey-Online said...

I can't waite for POTD.It's gonna be AWESOME.The Tritovore sounds kinda scary.Great Post by the way:)