Sunday, 18 January 2009

New Doctor's Assistant A Kiwi??

It has been rumored that a New Zeland Actor, Gena Bellman who is 42 is a favourite for who will be the 11th Doctors assistant in 2010 after David Tennant lsteps down. Below you can read the full article from Digital Spy.

The latest Doctor Who, Matt Smith, will have a new assistant when he steps into the Tardis next year and she could very well have a Kiwi accent.

Rumours of who it will be began after the shock announcement that virtual unknown Matt, 26, will take over as Time Lord from David Tennant early in 2010.

Gina Bellman, 42, from New Zealand, who has appeared in Jekyll and Coupling, is a favourite for the coveted role.

Other names being tossed about include former EastEnders star Michelle Ryan and Carey Mulligan who played Sally Sparrow in a previous Doctor Who episode.

The BBC is likely to keep its choice of his helper as secret as the name of the new Time Lord.

Millions of people worldwide watch Doctor Who every week to get their dose of science fiction.

Personally I'm not sure if a kiwi companion would be like but it would be great to see one!

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