Saturday, 6 December 2008

New MDW Books on Galifrey Productions

AUTHOR: Dan Woods
SET INBETWEEN : Planet of the Odd and The Sontaran Stratagem
BLURB: The Doctor and Donna land in a deserted house to find an old enemy at work. The Doctor must face his coldest foes once again before they start their plan to destroy the Earth. Will the Doctor and Donna be able to save the planet once again, or will the Ice Warriors be victorious for the first time?

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TITLE:Oh Brother!
AUTHOR: Megan Walker
SET INBETWEEN : After Last of The Time Lords and before Voyage of The Damned
BLURB:The Doctor is alone in the TARDIS when suddenly someone locks onto it, and enters the TARDIS, who is it? It’s the Master! He’s back with some rather surprising news, the Doctor and the Master are brothers. And he isn’t the only person to join the TARDIS either, but what problems will they all face in this new adventure?

This is Out On SUNDAY and sounds Great!

TITLE: The Lone Slitheen
AUTHOR: Ashley Mcloughlin
SET INBETWEEN : School Reunion and The Girl in the Fireplace
BLURB: The TARDIS arives on the forest-filled planet that it Raxel 6. A planet which has been condemed to death because of money problems. The TARIDS has died once again and the Doctor and Rose need to find a power-source to re-fuel the TARDIS. Also on the planet is a lone Slitheen called Clon, and Clon knows of a power source that can save the TARDIS. Will the Doctor team up with Clon to save his beloved ship?

This is out on Sunday the 14th of December!

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