Friday, 17 October 2008

New Books!

New Doctor Who and Torchwood Books have been confirmed for release in 2009. The title, 'The Krillitane Storm', seems to suggest a returning monster, that were last seen in School Reunion, the Krillitanes. Other books from the Doctor Who range have also featured past monsters and villains such as the Sontarans. We do not know yet whether these books will feature the Doctor alone, or with a new companion. Below you can see the titles of the new books and the writers.

The Taking of Chelsea 426 by David Llewellyn
Autonomy by Daniel Blythe
The Krillitane Storm by Christopher Cooper

The Torchwood Books are Into the Silence’, by Sarah Pinborough, ‘Bay of the Dead’, by Mark Morris and ‘The House that Jack Built’, by Guy Adams. Below are the Synopsis.

Into the Silence
Written by Sarah Pinborough
The body in the church hall is very definitely dead. It has been sliced open with surgical precision, its organs exposed, and its vocal cords are gone. It is as if they were never there or they've been dissolved... With the Welsh amateur Operatic Contest getting under way, music is filling the churches and concert halls of Cardiff. The competition has attracted the finest Welsh talent to the city, but it has also drawn something else - there are stories of a metallic creature hiding in the shadows. Torchwood are on its tail, but it's moving too fast for them to track it down. This new threat requires a new tactic - so Ianto Jones is joining a male voice choir...

Bay of the Dead
Written by Mark Morris
When the city sleeps, the dead start to walk... Something has sealed off Cardiff, and living corpse are stalking the streets, leaving a trail of half-eaten bodies. Animals are butchered. A young coupe in their car never reach home. A stolen tugboat is brought back to shore, carrying only human remains. And a couple of girls heading back from the pub watch the mysterious drivers of a big black SUV take over a crime scene. Torchwood have to deal with the intangible barrier surrounding Cardiff, and some unidentified space debris that seems to be regenerating itself. Plus, of course, the all-night zombie horror show. Not that they really believe in zombies.

The House that Jack Built
Written by Guy Adams
Jackson Leaves - an Edwardian house in Penylen, built 1906, semi-detached, three storeys, spacious, beautifully presented. Left in good condition to Rob and Julia by Rob's late aunt. It's an ordinary sort of a house. Except for the way the rooms don't stay in the same places. And the strange man that turns up in the airing cupboard. And the apparitions. And the temporal surges that attract the attentions of Torchwood. And the fact that the first owner of Jackson Leaves in 1906 was a Captain Jack Harkness...

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