Friday, 17 October 2008

The Darksmith Legacy Writers

The BBC’s Children book range have now revealed the authors for the ten titles of ‘The Darksmith Legacy’. The BBC Children range previously revealed the synopsis and author for ‘The Dust of Ages‘, ‘The Graves of Mordane‘ and ‘The Colour of Darkness‘. Both ’The Dust of Ages’ and ’The Graves of Mordane’ will be out in January 2009 followed by a monthly release until September 2009.
The Dust of Ages - Justin Richards
The Graves of Mordane - Colin Brake
The Colour of Darkness - Richard Dungworth
The Depths of Despair - Justin Richards
The Vampire of Paris - Steve Cole
The Game of Death - Trevor Baxendale
The Planet of Oblivion - Justin Richards
The Picture of Emptiness - Jacqueline Raynor
The Art of War - Mike Tucker
The End of Time - Justin Richards
A exclusive preview of ‘The Dust of Ages’ by Justin Richards is expected soon on ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ website. The website promoting ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ will be hosting the interactive part of ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ series and is expected to be made available in November. More details about this thrilling book range are expected to be released by the BBC soon.

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