Monday, 1 September 2008

Possible Doctor Who Magazine Issue 400 Details

Possible Details about the Four Hundredth issue of Doctor Who Magazine have bee revealed. There were no details in issue 399. Issue three hundred is now on sale for £3.99 alongside the Doctor Who Magazine Special, ‘The Series Four Companion’. Doctor Who Magazine, the official publication of the hit BBC TV series, reaches its 400th issue - and celebrates in style! Packed with exclusive photos and interviews, this very special publication features actor David Tennant talking candidly about being the Doctor - and his plans for the future; showrunner Russell T. Davies reveals secrets about his years working on Doctor Who; a new era for the full-color comic strip begins as the Doctor discovers The Secrets of the Space Gulag; the Time Team concludes their epic viewing of The Trial of a Time Lord in a surprising way; and all of the latest books, audios and DVDs are previewed and reviewed! Plus much, much more - including a massive free double-sided posters. What do you think? Please Leave your Comments Thanks

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