Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Battles In Time Issue 53

Issue 53 of Doctor Who Battles In Time was today released at the price of £2.50, available across the United Kingdom. Issue 53 comes with a free pack of Ultimate Monsters cards and takes an in-depth look at the Shadow Proclamation. You can read a Doctor Who Mad Online press release below;

The Judoon have stomped their way into this issue along with the Shadow Proclamtion as Battles in Time gives you an up to scratch detailed guide of the Space Police.

Stay out of the shadows; Battles in Time takes a look at episode eight of the new series, Silence in the Library

Comic Strip action; The TARDIS has landed in an English Manor, the date 1903...

Brain Busters; The Cyber Controller puts your brain to the test with puzzles and games to keep you entertained

Dalek Wars; The arrival of Dalek mothership causes disaster at a top secret American base

Deck Doctor; Be taken on a tour of the Ultimate Monster cards, with a dash of the new Devastator cards

Dalek Mania; If you were a Dalek, which one would you be?

All this and loads more awaits inside issue fifty three of GE Fabbri's Battles in Time

Make sure you grab your copy before the 1st October when issue fifty four will be released. Issue fifty four comes with a free pack of the new Devastator cards. Issue fifty four will take an in-depth look at the Supreme Dalek and Dalek Caan.

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